E-Blasts Vs. Newsletters - What's the difference? 

Typically a Newsletter is a communication to a defined list of subscribers that have agreed to receive your information.  They are regularly scheduled notifications of products, services, and events or calendars.  They also include multiple topics that you want to showcase to your audience.

An E-Blast is sent much less frequently or as one-time publishing of information.  These could include services such as a cancellation, reschedule or location change to a group or person, vary in a variety of topics, and no consistency or uniformity.

The key to either of these methods is to identify and brand your business making the notifications easy for your audience to know who is providing the information and how it is relevant to them.

Maintaining communication with your clients and customers is necessary. Grabbing their attention to your company's news and services can be costly.  By using digital e-mail marketing, the costs of traditional print marketing have been reduced for your business.  Our affordable e-mail marketing program and monitoring for your website help your business really know how effective your reach is to your clients and customers.   We can set up the newsletter services for you, with your content and images, and handle the mailing process for you.    If you prefer, we can also provide the initial installation, configuration, and setup for you to maintain on your own after setup.

 Services included are:


  • Double-Opt-In for your subscribers
  • Newsletter template creation
  • List Development
  • Custom Field Development
  • Captcha Security
  • Social Media Tags inclusion
  • Link Management


Our preferred tools give you the flexibility to create and manage subscribers, create forms, basic management, and provide text and graphical reports of your mailings. We will set you with your business branded template and up to three marketing lists of your choice.  You only have to provide a name and email address for us to import for you.  Along with subscriber import, you will also have an opt-in form for your website allowing the general public to add themselves to your mailing lists.

Other Features Include:

  • Queue Management
  • Spam Check
  • Draft Testing
  • Link Tracking

Affordable options for email marketing


Once you have your basic mailing template developed and subscriber lists created, you will be able to send as many mailings at no extra charges to you as other email marketing programs.   Of course, if you want to use our services to do your mailings for you, we can set you up with a plan at a fixed rate, leaving you to run your business while we take care of your marketing services.

Along with the mailing services, reports on your activity per mailing are also included.  Your reporting service is flexible.  Choose from daily, weekly, or even yearly reporting options.  Receive notices for unsubscribes and new subscribers via email. 


email marketing reports with views, opens, sent, type

Stop paying per number of subscribers.  

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