You have made an investment in your company’s infrastructure by purchasing Ubiquiti access points. Now you have to decide who will manage these devices and where the software will be installed.

Allow Connecting Point’s engineers to take care of this for you.

By hosting the Ubiquiti Unifi management software on our server we will be able to manage your company’s wireless infrastructure 24 hours a day.

hosted unify management by ubiquiti cpcc

Our solution includes:

  1. Device Management
    1. Add, change or remove wireless networks.
    2. Remotely address problems.
    3. Receive alerts of failed access points.
    4. Detect overloading of a particular AP.
    5. Cloud Backups of your configuration for quick and easy replacement should an AP fail. 
  2. Password Management
    1. Add, change or remove access to particular users or wireless networks.
  3. Security Management
    1. Scan for nearby rogue access points and block them.
    2. Identify malicious users trying to hack into an AP and block them.
    3. Update/upgrade software and firmware on AP.