programmingDo you have an application that won’t give you the information you really need? Do you have orphaned applications that have been abandoned by the programmer? Most software packages bought off the shelf fail to provide all the essential needs for individual companies. Businesses have to learn how to adjust their trade to fit the application rather than the application fitting their preferences. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

We have the expertise to help you design or revive applications that will give you valuable and timely information to help your business run more efficiently and effectively. Designing a custom application will give you the freedom and flexibility of doing things your way. You can also increase productivity by having previously tedious manual procedures automated. Connecting Point Computers can administer all aspects of your software development project from beginning to end, or undertake just the portions where you need help. We are happy to work together with your personnel on new or existing projects.  

Programming is available in a wide area of applications, from web development to custom database development.  

Areas we encompass are: 

Application & Database Design - Our programmers have many years experience designing and implementing various databases and applications on multiple platforms including Microsoft, Linux, and Novell Servers. Some of our projects encompass the design, development and incorporation of:  

  • Inventory Management Control
  • Club Membership Management
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Election Balloting and Verification
  • Crystal Reports and Business Objects
  • Financial and Accounting Applications
  • Label Design and Integration through a Database or UPS
  • Manufacturing Applications together with Production and Quality Control Reporting
  • Laboratory Analysis Systems including instrument interfaces 

Data Integration – After building an application, we can also populate the data tables by transferring or importing data from any ODBC-compliant data source by creating a custom import program to map existing data to the new database. We can import from most industry-standard database formats, as well as from text files, CSV files and Microsoft Office products. Custom imports can save hours of manual data entry. 

Bar coding Solutions - Many customers and/or vendors require bar coding and labeling on material products these days. Whether you need to print labels or scan them we can help provide a solution to generate a variety of barcode types including 3D or scan products into a database for inventory and reporting purposes. We can also recommend and provide the necessary hardware needed to interface with your software. 

Software Consulting - We have helped many customers put the power back in their hands. Whether you need some help learning Microsoft Office, direction on how to use existing software, recommendations on what software to use or want to learn how to create your own reports or applications we can lend a hand. Call us for a consultation!  

Custom Reports - Custom reports are reports designed for a specific outcome and saved so that you can generate a report in that same format at any time you desire. Once you create a custom report, you can recall and use it any time. If the reports you are getting now don’t have all the information you need or are giving you so much information that you can’t find the data that is important to you, we can make you custom reports with only the data that you want to see and lay it out in a desirable and easy to read format.

 Web Design - We can offer custom programming for many types of website design applications. Call us today to discuss your needs. 

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