Top Questions About Connecting Point Computer Center’s AV Defender Managed Security Suite


  • 1.  What AV engine is used with your service? +
    The AV engine we use for our service is powered by Bitdefender. Bitdefender is a top tier, highly rated internet security company. This program not only protects against antiviruses but antimalware, and ransomware protection as well. (See features in question 7)
  • 2.  How do I know if my AV program is working? +
    Connecting Point monitors your AV Defender agent to insure it is active and doing its job. If we see that your AV is out of date or offline we will contact you by phone or email to resolve the problem. AV Defender also installs an icon in the lower right corner of your desktop that will indicate if there is a problem.
  • 3.  Who do I contact for AV support? +
    All support is available from Connecting Point by calling our toll free number 800-352-7018. If the problem can’t be resolved with a simple call to our engineers AV Defender has a remote access program that comes with our service. Connecting Point can remote into your device with your permission to resolve any problems you are having. This saves our customers onsite/mileage charges or the inconvenience of having to disconnect everything and bring their machine in for service.
  • 4.  How are new versions updated? +
    Our AV Defender service not only automatically updates but it will upgrade if a new version of the program becomes available. No more paying to have an old version uninstalled and having a new version installed.
  • 5.  How do I get a discount? +
    We offer a 18% discount if a 3 year subscription is purchased.
  • 6.  Can my company monitor our own AV control panel? +
    Yes you can. Our engineer can setup a dedicated console so your administrator can also monitor the status of all devices AV Defender is installed on. Your administrator will also have access to the remote access program included with AV Defender. This will allow the administrator to securely access any device that has our AV agent installed on it remotely.
  • 7.  What features are included in the service? +
    • Complete anti-malware and virus protection
    • Firewall, intrusion prevention
    • Proactive detection and alerts
    • Anti-Ransomware technology
    • Behavioral and heuristic analysis

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