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IV Cellular Customer Testimonial

I have been an IV Cellular customer for over twelve years.  I have always done my business through Connecting Point in Streator, Illinois.

Last winter I took my computer to the Peru office for service.  I was greeted by an employee at the desk (Chris Close).  He was very polite and pleasant.

I had no idea how, but I lost a piece off my cell phone - the back piece that covers the battery.  I stopped in the Streator office on June 21st.  The manager was busy with a customer.  Chris Close happened to be in there on his day off.  He offered to help me and said he would call me if he was able to find one.  Today he called, less that 24 hours later, and said he found one and would take it to the Streator office for me where I could pick it up.

When I met him in the Peru Office I felt he was an asset to his company.  After dealing with him in Streator Connecting Point I KNOW HE IS AN ASSET to his company.  He went out of his way to help me on his day off.  Not many young men would be so helpful and polite.  I know it is hard to to deal with the public sometimes, but Chris handles the responsibility well!  I am so grateful to Chris Close.


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