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Social Media Management

Social media management is no longer only for big business.   Any business on the web needs to learn the basics, how it can work for you and how we can help you manage these tools and services.  Let us create a social media campaign to deliver relevant and useful content, grow your follower base and become a influential resource to your clients.  Building social relationships is what drives leads and sales to your business.  We can help you develop your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Dependent on your business audience. choosing other social media accounts to connect to buyers in their preferred platforms.

Growing your followers, engaging them, sharing and connecting are services we can provide you to build and convert your digital audience.

social media management servicesTasks provided to your plan include: 

  • Content creation relevant to your industry
  • Social promotions and campaigns
  • Content distribution to educate and entertain your followers
  • Engagement with like industry and competitors
  • Follow up leads and engagement
  • Stats reports showing you how well postings were engaged, followed and shared.
  • Scheduling feeds and posts and re-posts
  • Curated content to fill in weak posting times that are relevant to your business

We can get your social media management developed and under control. 

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