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Voting and Ballot Services

Election Administration & Ballot Tally Services

Hiring an Election Administration service is an effective way of guaranteeing the integrity of your organizations election. For democracy to continue, elections must reflect the will of the people and in this case your shareholders/cooperators. A fair and transparent election enables voters to choose new representatives and leaders, and tests the strength of the existing democratic process.

The electoral process can and will impact your organization for years to come. The company that you hire has to reflect the wishes of your shareholders/cooperators. Your organizations electoral process is something that should be handled by independent professionals, so you want to make sure you do it right.


Our ballot and election services include:

  •  Giving practical and effective help with the prevention of election fraud.
  •  Attending committee meetings, steering groups and working parties concerned with the election.

Vote counting services

It is crucial that an election is not only conducted fairly, but that it is seen to be conducted fairly. The involvement of an independent, external returning officer can make a substantial difference to the perception that even the most critical of voters might have of the ballot procedure.  

Amongst the services offered in this area are:

  • A comprehensive service, including receipt, count and audit of papers received.

  • Provision of an independent returning officer to ensure that the ballot procedure is fair and impartial.

  • Preparing certified reports of election results for publication.

  • The Connecting Point Computer Center solution can cover those specific tasks that the client wishes to outsource. Alternatively, we can work with your timetable for ballots or elections.



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