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Payroll-W2-1099 Services

We provide payroll services to a variety of businesses and organizations from restaurants to manufacturing

How much do you pay to prepare your payroll?

At Connecting Point Computer Center we can provide small to medium sized businesses with accurate payroll processing at a competitive price. Our team of skilled, friendly, and courteous employees are dedicated to the needs of our customers and committed to excellence.

A 50 person payroll can cost as little as $62.50 per pay period.

We provide payroll services to a variety of businesses and organizations from restaurants to manufacturing in the Illinois Valley. We have been providing payroll services to clients since 1966. Let our payroll experience and our strong computer knowledge, combined with our dedication to customer service help you increase your profits while decreasing your internal costs. Contact us for further information, including a list of references.

Business Entities

. Corporation . Partnership . L.L.C. . Proprietorship . Not-for-Profit

A Variety of Services Available

Reporting By Payroll

  • Payroll Register
  • Other Pay Register
  • Department Register
  • Check Register
  • Employer Contribution Reports
  • Direct Deposit Services

Laser Check and Earning Statement

  • Current hours, earnings, taxes &
  • YTD earnings, taxes & deductions
  • 941's & W2's

Additional Services

  • Deposit & File All Payroll Taxes
  • 401K Reporting
  • Multi State Processing

Reporting of Hours

  • Time cards (manually)
  • Time Sheets (manually)
  • Time Clock (directly feed)
  • New Hire Reporting 

  • Miscellaneous Deductions - 999

  • Flexible Other Pay Types Including Shift Differential

  • Earned Income Credit Processing

  • Rate History Tracking 

  • Pre-Tax Pay

  • Cafeteria Plan-Section 125
  • 401K Plan
  • IRA Plans


Need a service you don't see listed? Please call us for custom services at 815-223-1052.

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