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Hardware Maintenance Options Available

What is an (HMO) Hardware Maintenance Option?

This is Connecting Point Computer Centers In-House/On-Site Maintenance Option, which enhances the manufacturers warranty to 3 years parts & labor.


How much does it cost?

Cost of maintenance is determined by a percentage of the selling price of the computer equipment. Carry-In is calculated at 14% while On-Site is calculated at 17% plus a region charge based on the customers location from Connecting Point in Peru.

What Does it do for me?

It prevents unexpected repair bills and protects your investment in your computer equipment.

Are there different HMO plans?

Yes, the (Gold Plan) carry-in plan covers all parts and labor while the On-Site (Platinum Plan) covers all parts and labor plus travel time and mileage.

When must the HMO be purchased?

The HMO must be purchased at the time of sale or invoicing. It must appear as a line item on the invoice.

Is it offered at all Connecting Point locations?

Yes, the HMO is offered at our Peru, and Streator stores.

What does the HMO not cover?

The HMO does not cover all software related problems including operating system software and or application software loaded or preloaded on the computer.

What are the benefits to me?

Some of the benefits would be include complete parts and labor coverage, no additional or hidden costs, low up front purchasing cost, peace of mind and two (2) locations to serve you.

Is this option transferable?

Yes, this HMO is transferable, which increases the resale value of your equipment.

Hardware Maintenance Options:

Covered under Warranty

Carry-In - Covers all parts & labor.

On-Site - Covers all parts & labor plus travel time and mileage.

NOT COVERED under Warranty

ALL SOFTWARE related problems are not covered under any warranty. These problems will be billable at our normal labor rate.

Cost of Maintenance

Cost of maintenance is determined by a percentage of the selling price of the computer related hardware, with on-site including an additional on-site fee based on the customers location from Connecting Point in Peru, IL.


All service work is scheduled and performed out of our main office in Peru with drop off and pickup at all locations. Please contact our service coordinator at (815) 223-1052 to schedule an appointment or to find out the status of your repair.



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