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Equipment Rentals

The goal of the Connecting Point Computer Centers computer equipment rental program is to provide customers with computing options for a variety of travel and office-based needs. Because of the differences in the computer equipment available for rent, each item has a unique daily and weekly rental rate.  

All of the equipment offered for rental through CPCC is insured and tested prior to and following any rental period. Although insured, any physical damage incurred or loss of equipment while in the possession of a rentee is the fiscal responsibility of the rentee for necessary repair or replacement. 

Currently, rental fees can be paid via a valid CPCC account, cash, or a credit card. For proper billing and insurance security, payment must be made at the time the you take possession of the rental equipment, unless you have a CPCC business account.

Please call us to schedule a rental or to check availability, please contact us at 815-223-1052 or 800-352-7018.

Typical Projects Needing Rental

  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Business Travel
  • Emergency or Urgent Technical Needs
  • Loaner Pool
  • Temporary Needs During Peak Workloads
  • Presentations, Special Events


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