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MakerBot Monday 3D Printed Raspberry Pi3 Case


This week for Makerbot Monday, we have a custom made case for the Raspberry Pi 3.

You might be asking yourself, "What is a Raspberry Pi?" A Raspberry Pi is a $35 mini computer board that can be used for many projects such as syncing christmas lights to music, be used as a media center, or even a budget Linux computer.

When you purchase a Raspberry Pi, you won't get any cases unless you order a starter bundle. The one our retail sales rep Nick got came with a clear case, but it was very easy to bend or crack if dropped from a short distance.

To install, insert the board on the bottom white part of the case. Line up the ethernet and USB ports with the cut outs and the board will fit properly.

20170129 153704  20170129 153751


20170129 1532131  20170129 1532451

Next, line up the top red part of the case and insert four 2CM screws. These can be purchased at a local hardware store. Our sales rep Nick purchased these for 7 cents each.

When inserting the screws, only have them at a snug fit. Having the screws in too tight can pose a risk to bending the board.

Both the bottom and top parts of the case took 1 hour and 30 minutes to print on high quality.


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