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MakerBot Monday 3D Printing 7-18-16

This week for Makerbot Monday, we have an ear bud case!

3d printed ear bud case1

It's happened to most of us, you go to grab your earbuds out of your pocket and they're all tangled up. It can be frustrating spending several minutes to free up all those knots. This case solves that issue!

3d printed ear bud case3

First, insert the 3.5mm input jack in the wide slots. Once in, wrap the rest of the cable around the outside opening. Once wrapped up , you can insert the earbuds inside the case. This case will easily fit in your pocket and help protect your earbuds from getting tangled again!

3d printed ear bud case2

Come down to Connecting Point to see this and many other 3D printed items in the store.

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