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CryptoWall Alert Resurfacing

Attention all computer users:  We are seeing new instances of this malware.  It is increasingly critical that you mind who and where your emails are coming from.  Today another customer in Texas reported to us that his computer had been affected and a ransom notice on his monitor requesting money to release the malware.  All the data on his machine has been encrypted so it is not able to be opened or viewed.

Here is a sample of what it looks like:

cryptowall resurfacing 7 2015

Recently we have had two of our customers become infected by a piece of malware called CryptoWall 3.0.  CryptoWall 3.0 is distributed via emails with .ZIP attachments that contain executables that are disguised as PDF files.  These PDF files pretend to be invoices, purchase orders, bills, complaints, or other business communications.  

When you double-click on the fake PDF, it will not open.  Instead, the malware will infect your system with the CryptoWall infection.  Your data files and folders will then become encrypted and cannot be recovered unless a ransom is paid to the creator of Cryptowall or you wipe and then restore your PC/Server from a known good backup.

The best prevention is to not open ANY attachments unless you are sure they are legitimate.  If you are unsure of the attachment’s validity, call the sender of the email.  Do not send an email to verify the validity because the email can be forged.

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